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I think your everyday life is surrounded by various instruments. These instruments have been developed through many years' research. In the past, a "machine" was only "machine" (such as bicycle), and an electric instrument is only "electric instrument" (such as electric light bulb). In recent years, however, almost all mechanical instruments are controlled by computers which consists of many electric circuits and electronic devices such as LSIs. In this way, we are usually using many mechanical-electronic systems. This trend will move forward further and further. Our department is doing research and education for such mechanical-electronic systems and engineers.
Using a huge amount of such convenient instruments, however, may give significant negative impact to global and local environment. We have to therefore pursue techniques to make and operate such systems with as high efficiency as possible. Otherwise, it would be impossible to realize high-quality life in many countries in the world. I think this is one of the most important policies for the engineers who study and develop next-generation mechanical-electronic instruments.
In our department, we welcome students who want to become such an engineer for the 21st century, by preparing a comprehensive education program to realize your dream. For more information, please contact our e-mail address shown in the "Introduction" page.

Messages from Students

Ixchel Ramirez (Mexico)
Electronics and Control Systems Engineering Department
Master course student, first year.

After arriving to Japan, I had many problems with the language at the beginning, but little by little I got used to the speed of talking and to daily life conversations.
Shimane University has a tutoring system for international students, in which a Japanese student is assigned to an international student, to help with activities and procedures of University, and also to support in daily life. Since almost everything is written in Japanese, having someone to help me with my bicycle registration, the Internet connection, where to buy food, etc, my tutor was very helpful and at the same time I made another friend. Usually the tutor is in the same laboratory as the international student, therefore my tutor also show me how the things are done in the laboratory, about expositions, reports, etc, and also introduced me to the members of the laboratory, everybody has been kind and friendly. When I have some problem there is always someone willing to help me.
The University has all the facilities that a student may need such as cafeteria, a shop, sports facilities, ATM, etc and in its surroundings there are supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, post office, bookstore, bank, and a lot of apartments, which means you can get to university in a few minutes by bicycle or even walking, which is very comfortable.
I decided to come Shimane University firstly because I found the research topic I am interested in, and secondly because I liked the description I found in Internet about Matsue city and its weather conditions. Matsue city is a very nice place to live in, it has all the facilities that any city has, as well as very interesting places to visit and have fun with your friends, like Matsue Castle, Lake Shinji, Museums, parks, etc and the Japan Sea is just a few minutes from here. All of this gives you a very relaxing environment to study in.
And getting involved with the community that surrounds you, gives you a great opportunity to get to know Japanese culture, cuisine, history, and of course make lots of friends. Moreover you can make not only Japanese friends, but also another international students from all over the world and interchange ideas, knowledge, traditions, etc, about your own country.

Kasilingam Senthilkumar (India)
Department of Materials Creation and Circulation Technology (Doctoral Course)
Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science and Engineering

Shimane - According to me

Generally in Japan everywhere is greenish. I like it so much. All Japanese are very helping mind and especially in Matsue Government arranged the "flea market" for every six month. I hope this is very helpful for foreigners. At the beginning I was not able to eat using chopsticks. It was very difficult for me. One of my Japanese friends taught me how to use chopsticks with simple physics. Now I am very familiar with chopsticks. And one time I went to an Indian restaurant in Matsue city. I did not expect my mother language Tamil in that restaurant and also having some Indian cultures, foods, Indian Gods and Indian history. In that time I was very exciting. Generally India has a high temperature around 25-40oC the whole year. Here temperature goes down around 0oC in winter. Last winter time I went to Daisen Mountain with my Japanese friends and we enjoyed very much skiing.
In Shimane University my research is the preparations of materials for medical application such as detecting cancer cells. So, we collaborate with the members of Shimane University Medical College. All the Professors and students are very kind to me. I think this is a wonderful and rememberable time in my life. I would like to thank my Professor, International Student section staff's and MEXT.

The Center for International Exchanges (SHIMANE-univ.)

The Center for International Exchanges